Monday, March 2, 2009

My hair....oh yeah, I got napps!

about 20 mins ago, my friend texted me and was like hey, u eva thought about bloggin n i was like naw, shld i? She answers expressively, YES!!! lmso. So, i went 2 look at her blogspot and here i am bloggin. Thnks Riekababy :)
I wasn t sure what to begin wit but i have this new found love in my life.
No its not a dude...hehe I wish! lmso...
Its my hair -- I CANT LEAVE IT ALONE! the yr 2007 i wanted to go natural due 2 religious reasons n such n i started transitioning. I went for 6 months and my mother complained about how nasty my hair would look n when i used 2b natural my hair was extremely coily. So, she won the battle and i went n got a perm...
I so regretit....i was so weak.
But i decided, neva shall i fall again lol so i went another 6 months transitioning until i caked my hair with beeswax and no matter how many times i washed it. It just wouldnt come out, so mother had to cut it all off. I had neva been so happy!
Honestly tho, my hair looked short and horrible but now, its longer, its not as coily as mother said and its beautiful. I dyed it a short time after dis light brown color. oh so nice. Its been a year and 1 month and 2 days.
I do all types of styles...
started with straw set till QT got mad at me for taking their straws...lmso.
Still doesnt stop me....
I do twists of course - lub'em! I just started doin three strand twist! The twist out is beautiful!
Over all, many of the guys i talk to -- Luv my natural look, don't get me wrong...its 4 my personal benefit but 4 a guy 2 luv in wit ya hair as well...very cool in my books!
I pretty much play around wit my hair doin all kinds of styles.
My puff is one i can do witout!!!!
I think ive written enuff 4 my first blog!

i'm Me...

¤ I ♥ my napps ¤

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  1. Yay sis!! congrats on ur first blog!! i love it!! and i have a confession...i chopped off again!! i dunno what to do with it...its soo damn short!! HELP!!